I have worked as a Management Consultant, Facilitator and Personal and Executive Coach for individuals, groups and organisations for over 25 years. I “retired early” to care for and honor my mother’s wish to die at home. I am writing a memoir about this amazing experience which includes spiritual insights and managing the team of carers at home for a dying person. Now I am out in the world again, enriched with my experience, new skills and insights to share with others who wish to transcend their anxiety, stress and conflict that limit their potential, so they can thrive.

In 2010, while caring for my mother I volunteered for the Australian Arts Business Foundation and was recognized with an Australian Award for my expertise in Mentoring and Coaching.

I have been told I am gifted in creating a safe and fertile space of open enquiry, trust and playfulness into which people feel they can fully explore and develop.

I bring to my work a deep love for people gaining skills and awareness so they can ongoingly give themselves what they need to open to more of who they really are.

If you want to work with me please email me at deb@deblange.com.au

“I have always looked to new information, new tools & relying on things external to myself to bring about happiness & overcome obstacles and addictions from the past. Whilst they have all made a difference to living life, none were as deep and truly loving as the integrated mind, body, spirit processes Deborah shared. There’s always been a part of me that has always known the way but needed to be shown ‘how’ to access the power that is within me. Thank you to Deborah Lange for the opportunity to share this knowledge.”

Daniel Balacco, Organisation Development Manager, Department of Education, South Australia


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    • You have a great website. We still have much to learn to be true to ourselves. I myself have looped around iteratively at first with traditional learning from universities – which we often call intellectual knowledge. I then moved into experiential learning from our body and emotions and spirit from many sources some of which are Dr Jean Housten, NLP, Inner Bonding, InterPlay Body Wisdom practices, Psycho-synthesis, Equine Facilitated Learning, Buddhist practices – mindfulness, K Wilber, H Maturana, M Wheatley and many, many, many more. I uncovered another piece of the puzzle for myself within each one. Now I integrate all of these and what works for me. When working with clients I work in the moment with what presents itself and what questions I can ask that will be most helpful to my clients. I have a practise of assisting others learn for themselves. My favourite current practitioner is Michael Singer, and his work The Untethered Soul, such practical wisdom, a true masterpiece.

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