What do you do when you are angry?

Ignore your anger at your own peril! Suppress and it will block energy. Let it fly at someone is not too good for you or the person you spat at! There is another way to notice, relax and release!

What do you notice? What do you do? How do you let the energy pass through?



Will I resent my children, be bored with my job, hate going to work every day?

Sometimes we don’t realise we have choices. Sometimes we lock ourselves into what we think we “should or shouldn’t do”. Sometimes we do things for others thinking that is what we need to do to stay in a relationship or to be loved. 

If we look again with new eyes, from another perspective perhaps we can have what brings us to life and our relationships. It just takes looking at things with a new kind of curiosity.


I do everything to be loved!

It is funny how as children many of us learnt that we have to do things to be loved! And this is the way we act throughout childhood and then as adults. More often than not we don’t even realise we are doing things for love. When we realise we are it creates great freedom.

I challenge you to think do you really have to do anything to be loved? If you are a Mum or a Dad and you look down at a baby sleeping in a cot, does the baby have to do anything to be loved? will you only love the baby if it doesn’t cry? No, of course you won’t and crying is one way the baby is communicating at that stage!

If you are a wife or a husband, or have a lover or a partner – does your partner really have to do anything to be loved or do you just love them because you love them?

Why is it that we think we have to do things to be loved? It is often a way we think we can control how to be loved? 

More on this topic in another post. In the meantime how are you controlling how much love you get?


What brings you to life?

Since early childhood we have been trained to listen and be in our mind! Gradually losing connection with our innate sensory awareness. What brings you to life encourages us to start notice being aware of your body, your energy, your feelings, what repels you? what attracts you? what tickles you from the inside out and gives you a natural feeling of happiness? The more connected we are to our body, our sensory awareness the more we can make choices that bring us to life!